Providing free dental care for underserved children in the St. Louis Region

Smile Factory

Smile Factories continues the dental care provided by Give Kids A Smile during the Biannual Clinics in February and October. Many of our kids need treatment that can’t be completed during the three-hour appointments. These kids become Smile Factories candidates. Their charts are reviewed and a selected number of these children are referred to private dental offices throughout the St. Louis area that volunteer their dental services for further treatment.
Whether or not you volunteer at a GKAS clinic, we’ve got little smiles that need our help throughout the year. If you are willing to commit to help a patient or two between clinics, being a part of our Smile Factories is for you.
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• Help the kids that had their dental work started at clinic get it completed
• We only ask for a 6 month commitment
• You may select the days and times to see patients
Volunteer your skills and dental office in the St. Louis region to complete the necessary treatment of a GKAS patient. After completion of treatment, the patient’s records and responsibility is sent back to the Smile Factories/Give Kids A Smile office for record keeping and follow-up.
You are not required to take the Smile Factories patients beyond the six-month treatment time limit; nor are you required to take siblings or other family members of the Smile Factories patients. We hope that through this program you will be able to continue the fantastic care that has been started at the Give Kids A Smile events!
Smile Factories Patient Screening Criteria:
• Multiple procedures needing attention.
• Ages Kindergarten through 8th Grade (Ages 5-14)
• May require multiple disciplines for treatment, ie. Endo, Oral Surgery, Perio
• Has overpowering financial need living at or below the poverty line
Initial Patient Appointment Protocols in your office:
• Smile Factories/GKAS office contacts your office with patient particulars
• A copy of the patient’s health history, registration, name, address, phone numbers, radiographs and GKAS event records, etc. will be faxed or emailed to your office.
• Patient/parent/guardian will be called by your office for an appointment for the child.

No-show policy for patients: Each child will be allowed to have three (3) no-show appointments. Three no-show appointments terminate the care by Smile Factories volunteer offices. After three no-show appointments, please send the patient records to the Smile Factories/GKAS office.

Failure to complete treatment plan: Each child will have 6 months to complete the necessary treatment. If an extension is required, authorization can be secured by your office on behalf of the patient for an additional 6 months only. Orthodontic care is an exception. 2 years is the initial limitation in the case of orthodontic care.
Once treatment is complete, all patients and their files will be referred back to the Smile Factories/GKAS office.
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